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Saunia Westfield Chodov

Mon - Sun: 9:00 - 23:00

6 types of saunas and

5 cooling systems

Sauna world about the size
1200 m²

Time-limited admission
and parking for 6 hours free of charge

The price of the visit includes the rental of towels and sheets


Weekdays - departure by 5 p.m

with loyalty

without loyalty

unlimited in time

449 CZK

399 CZK

Všední dny - odchod po 17.00 / víkendy / svátky

s věrnostní

bez věrnostní

0–120 min (v případě překročení 3 Kč/min)

449 Kč

399 Kč

časově neomezené

569 Kč

519 Kč

Příchod po 20:45

with loyalty

without loyalty

uniform price

369 CZK

319 CZK

  • the price of the visit includes the rental of towels and sheets and an extra 10 minutes for the changing room

  • when changing a towel or bed sheet, we charge 15 CZK

  • if the customer exceeds the departure time, we charge CZK 2 per minute

  • the customer must leave the branch by 11:00 p.m

  • if he does not do so, he will be charged a fee of CZK 90


With the club 50 CZK discount with the Saunia card from price without loyalty card.
With the Multisport card, a discount of CZK 170 from the price without a loyalty card.

Discounts cannot be combined and combined.

We accept the following cards and vouchers:
Multisport, SODEXO (Flexi pass, Fokus pass, Relax pass, Gift pass, Bonus pass), EDENRED (Sport and culture, Multi, Ticket Compliments gift, Ticket Benefits), Benefit Plus, UP Czech Republic (Unišek, Unišek+, Unišek FKSP) , Cards can be used to pay for one-time admission or refreshments, but we do not refund them.

Vouchers for our services can also be purchased on our e-shop.


Don't get away

To you news and discountsthey did not evaporate from our sauna worlds. 


Saunia club card

Sign up for a free Saunia club card and get an automatic discount of CZK 50 on every entrance fee and collect loyalty points for every visit, which you can use for refreshments, for example. It's enoughregisteron our website and with your account code, then request a card at the reception. Or just download our mobile application (Android,iOS).


Sauna peelings

Register for your free Saunia Club Card and get an automatic discount of CZK 30 on each admission. Collect loyalty points for each visit, then redeem them for things like refreshments. All you have to do is register on our website with the code to your account and then ask the front desk to issue your card. Or download our mobile app (Android, iOS)

Program of ceremonies


Sauna rituals take place every day. The current schedule can be found on the microsite of each location and can vary according to the current number of visitors and sauna users. We recommend calling the location of choice ahead of time to see if the ritual you have chosen will take place on the given day.



Opening hours

Mon - Sun: 9AM – 11PM


OC Westfield Chodov

Roztylská 2321/19, 148 00 - Prague 4

Phone: +420 774 626 703


Web OC:


Contact us

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