• Strong and intense full-body cool-down at one moment
  • Perfect full-body cool-down

When the cold heals

Use the comfortable steps to enter the large luxurious stainless steel pool. The pool also includes a bench for a longer stay in the refreshingly cold water. By cooling down rapidly, the capillaries quickly retract after being dilated in the sauna, helping to flush toxins from the body. At the same time, internal organs have increase blood circulation and massages. We are very serious about keeping our saunas clean and pay attention to hygiene, and so our flow-through pool is equipped with a filtration system and water is constantly changed.

Our tip

Always take a shower before entering the pool. The cool-down phase should always be gradual to save our body from an unpleasant shock. A suitable approach is to shower yourself using warm or lukewarm water, slowly adding colder water and then moving to the pool. Enter the pool slowly – never jump in.
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