Come and enjoy unlimited summer sauna sessions! The offer is valid from June 3.

Visiting regulations

To ensure safe operation and a healthy environment, we kindly ask guests to comply with the Saunia Sauna World. In case of its violation, the violator can be expelled from the sauna world.

1. Children under 5 years old are not allowed. Children under the age of 15 are only allowed to enter if accompanied by a person over the age of 18.

2. Entry is further prohibited to persons:

– with health problems (eg high blood pressure, heart disease, transmissible skin, hair or other infectious diseases),

– under the influence of alcohol.

3. For safety reasons, persons with reduced mobility are only allowed to enter the sauna world with an assistant.

4. Orthopedic crutches, guide sticks, prostheses, orthoses, or other aids must be stored in changing rooms for hygienic reasons before entering the sauna world.

5. All valuables belong only to the safe.

6. Enter the sauna world without bags or backpacks. Please put these in the locker room.

7. Entry possible only without swimsuit.

8. Prohibition of bringing in and consuming one’s own food and drinks.

9. No smoking in all areas of the sauna world.

10. There is a strict ban on making audiovisual recordings in the sauna world.

11. In the sauna world, do not behave noisily, do not run or otherwise endanger the safety and health of yourself and other visitors. Follow the basic rules of decency.

12. Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene in the sauna world. Always take a shower before entering the cooling pool.

13. Do not leave borrowed sheets and towels on deck chairs and armchairs. These will be removed by the operator.

14. It is forbidden to increase the humidity in saunas (by adding water, ice to the stove, etc.).

15. All body creams or oils (own or purchased here) may only be used in saunas designed for that purpose.

16. A visitor who damages the equipment of the sauna world is obliged to compensate the caused damage.

17. In case of loss of chip watches, all costs will be charged until the watch is reported lost and the customer is obliged to pay them. The customer is obliged to pay a lump sum of 100 Kč as a replacement for the chip watch.

18. Saunia is not responsible for damage caused to visitors by their own carelessness (eg on slippery floors or stairs).

19. After leaving the sauna world (eg for a telephone call), it is not possible to return to the sauna world.

20. Follow the instructions of the sauna world operator.

We ask all visitors to comply with these visiting rules. If it is not respected, visitors from the sauna world may be expelled.