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  • Temperature: 40-50 °C
  • Humidity: 10-20 %
  • Recommended: 10-30 min

What does a herbal sauna look like?

Herbal essential oils for beauty and health

The pleasant lower temperature of our herbal sauna will let you to stay longer and allow for the sauna treatment to truly work, since its effectiveness grows several fold. This warming room is intensely perfumed by herbs and essential oils with rejuvenating and regenerating effects for the body and soul. The herbal sauna is equipped with pleasantly heated ceramic benches and ceramic wall tiling.

Main advantages

  • Lower temperature

  • Appropriate for using sauna cosmetics

  • Gently heated ceramic benches

  • Intense aromatherapy

  • Does not dry out the respiratory tract
    or hair

Do you know that?

…you can take advantage of our wide range of honey sauna creams and
exfoliation salts for relaxation, regeneration, cleansing and treating your skin in a natural way? It will give you silky soft skin while keeping its natural smoothness.

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