On 5 and 6 July, our branches are open 9am to 11pm. We look forward to seeing you!

Saunas and cooling

Sauna Rituals

Experience the best part of the sauna

Sauna rituals are sure to bring you a unique experience. Our staff are true masters in this field, Czech champion titles and a series of other successes in the international sauna world. Thanks to their vast experience, our sauna rituals are fun and inspirational. They will diversify and enhance the intensity of the sauna experience both for beginners and experienced sauna visitors. They will captivate you with the choreography, they will delight your senses with essential oils and caress you with salt exfoliation. We hold them every day, and we’re sure that you will fall in love with them.

Free entry

Experience the best part of the sauna

A shock of hot air by waving a towel

Essential oils to the hot stove

A fantastic social experience

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Did you know that…

You can make use of our wide selection of honey sauna creams and exfoliation salts for relaxing, regenerating, cleansing and treating your skin in a natural way? It will give you silky soft skin while keeping its natural smoothness.