On 5 and 6 July, our branches are open 9am to 11pm. We look forward to seeing you!

Unlimited summer sauna sessions

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Come to the sauna without restrictions!

We open our saunas for you and offer unlimited sauna sessions for the price of a basic entry for 2 hours. It doesn't matter if it's a weekday or a weekend.
Come and enjoy the sauna at full speed. You can work on immunity, mental and physical condition all year round.

The event is valid from June 3rd until further notice at all branches of the sauna worlds of Saunia CR.

Unlimited time entry from

Praha, Brno, Kladno, České Budějovice

CZK 419

Liberec, Ostrava, Hradec Králové

399 CZK

Top up credit

Rest is within your reach

You will now pay less for longer relaxation.

Our branches

Why go to the sauna to the fullest even in the summer?

You will manage temperature fluctuations better

  • you improve your body’s ability to adapt to heat and temperature fluctuations
  • sauna in the summer helps to stabilize the thermoregulation of our body


Skin hydration and regeneration

  • summer saunas also have a beneficial effect on your skin
  • regular sauna use strengthens the skin, which is appreciated by those who are prone to sunburn


Injury-free summer sports

  • sauna has beneficial effects on the entire musculoskeletal system
  • strained muscles and sore joints, regular saunas will help you with all of this
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Boost the immune system

  • even in summer our body is susceptible to diseases
  • in the summer, our immunity is mainly affected by sharp temperature fluctuations


Swimsuit form

  • sauna will also help you get in shape for swimwear
  • higher temperatures help start the processes of rapid fat dissolution in the human body


Regular visits to the sauna will support your immune system and help with mental and physical well-being.


Come unwind and relax pleasantly at our branches!

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Úžasné místo, vynikající čistota, skvělé rituály. Moc ráda se sem vracím pro pořádnou porci relaxu.

visited SAUNIA Centrum Černý Most

Jezdíme k vám už hezky dlouho a vždycky naprostá spokojenost. Ceremoniály nás baví a odpočinek je dokonalý. Už se moc těšíme na další návštěvu.

visited SAUNIA Forum Liberec

Moc fajn saunová pobočka řetězce Saunia. Několik saun v různé teplotě, ceremoniály, bazének, tunel, bar. Doporučuji!

visited SAUNIA Futurum Ostrava

Několik druhů saun, občerstvení. Vždy milá obsluha. Rádi se sem vracíme.

visited SAUNIA Central Kladno

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Terms and conditions of the event

  • The event lasts from June 3rd until further notice and applies to Saunia CR sauna worlds.
  • You can visit a similar event at the Saunia Aupark Bratislava branch.
  • Saunia, s.r.o. reserves the right to change the conditions of the event and has the right to terminate the event prematurely.