On 5 and 6 July, our branches are open 9am to 11pm. We look forward to seeing you!

Summer relaxation in the sauna

Enjoy summer lounging

Holidays and summer are about proper rest and recharging your batteries.

This is an ideal time to tune in to other work and life tasks during the year.

Summer and the associated warm weather invite you to cool down.


That is why, together with our saunars, we have prepared a comprehensive program of special relaxing and dynamic ceremonies for you.</p >

You can look forward to ceremonies full of exotic scents and herbal macerates. We will not be left behind with thematic and theatrical ceremonies.


A weekly program awaits you, where everyone can find something for themselves.


Cooling Ceremonies

  • Special cooling ceremonies at 7 pm
  • The ceremonies will be dynamic
  • Let yourself be refreshed and kicked off at the beginning of the new week


Herbal Ceremonies

  • Relaxation ceremonies for your well-being at 8 p.m.
  • Herbal infusions and macerates full of fragrance
  • Relax after a day spent in bed, by the water or at work


Citrus refreshment

  • Relaxing or dynamic ceremonies at 7 p.m.
  • Refresh your body and mind
  • Fresh citrus scents and other surprises for your senses


Coffee ceremonies

  • Relaxation ceremonies at 7 pm
  • Awaken your strength and vitality
  • The energy of exotic coffee aromas will help you tune into your life force


Sauner’s Choice

  • Special ceremonies at 7 p.m.
  • Let yourself be surprised by what sauner has in store for you
  • A relaxing, theatrical, thematic, meditative or theatrical ceremony awaits you


Herbs and cooling

  • Special relaxation ceremonies at 5 and 8 p.m.
  • Come to relax and maybe just cool down pleasantly in the late afternoon
  • A combination of herbal ceremonies and refreshing cooling awaits you


Citrus and coffee

  • Special relaxation ceremonies at 5 and 8 p.m.
  • There is never enough rest, especially in summer
  • Come for citrus refreshment and the power of coffee in thoughtful ceremonies

From July 1st to September 1st, a well-thought-out program of the Summer relaxation in the sauna event awaits you

Every day you can look forward to special ceremonies:

relaxing, dynamic, meditative, herbal, tea, coffee, citrus, cooling, whisky, thematic and theatrical

Come to relax, recharge your batteries and refresh your mind together with our saunas!


A varied program is prepared with a focus on deep relaxation. The program is deliberately directed to the later afternoon or evening. So you can stop by after a day full of summer fun or work.

And for those who have the desire and space to take a sauna and relax with us during the day, our branches offer enough peace and space for your relaxation.

You will have great service from us, plenty of peace and space!


In view of the summer, holidays and vacations, follow the program of ceremonies on the website directly on the branch page.


Come unwind and relax pleasantly at our branches!

Terms and conditions of the event

  • The event lasts from 1 July to 1 September 2024 and is valid for sauna worlds of Saunia CR.
  • You can visit a similar event at the Saunia Aupark Bratislava branch.
  • Saunia, s.r.o. reserves the right to change the conditions of the event and has the right to terminate the event early.