On 5 and 6 July, our branches are open 9am to 11pm. We look forward to seeing you!


Do I have to make a reservation with you?

We do not make reservations, you can come at any time during opening hours 9 am to 11 pm.

Where are your branches?

Most branches are located in shopping centers, where there is very good public transport access, or you can arrive and park comfortably with your own vehicle.

Can I park my car at the branch?

Yes, all our branches are located in shopping malls, where you can park comfortably and park for free. Our reception will be happy to extend your parking card.

Do I have to take any things with me to the sauna world (towel, sheet)?

You don’t need to bring anything. We are happy to lend you towel and sheet, it is included in the entrance fee.

What to observe when sauna?

Overview of basic rules for beginners

  1. Drinking regimen throughout the day
  2. Do not go to the sauna hungry or overeat
  3. take a shower before the sauna
  4. take a shower after the sauna and then go to the cooling pool
  5. put a sheet under your whole body in the sauna
  6. listen to your body in the sauna (don’t try to stay in the sauna as long as possible)
  7. warm up in the sauna for a maximum of 15 minutes, rest twice as much, repeat all three times

What to do if I have a SAUNIA account, I registered, but I can't see my credit?

We may not have been able to link your accounts, please email us at info@saunia.cz.